1. developer mode enabled
  2. mock gps enabled


  1. Go into settings, and click on About Device
  2. Click on Build number “7” times
  3. Go into settings, click on Developer option
  4. Enable “Allow mock locations”
  5. Download “Fake GPS Location Spoofer”
  6. Enable your GPS
  7. go into Locating Methods
  8. Switch to “GPS only” for your location

Now you can set your location to be anywhere you want to be in location faker

If you want your iPhone and your apps to think you are in a different location, you will need to fake your location.

There are many reasons why you might want to fake your location, but in this guide, we are going to try to fake our location for games (namingly monsterstrike).

Faking your iPhone’s Location

Requirements: 1. Jailbreak 2. Cydia 3. LocationFaker (iOS 5, 6, 7) / (iOS 8, 9) – alternative would be PMP (protect my privacy)

inside Cydia, you will be able to find locationfaker when you search for it. It is by default part of the bigboss repo.

This app is NOT free, but if you look hard enough, there are always ways to get apps for free.

I will be posting an edit later in this tutorial on how to get LocationFaker for Free.